World’s largest umbrellas to be installed at Makkah Grand Mosque

Folding umbrellas will be installed at the Grand Mosque’s courtyards and roof next year to protect pilgrims from the sun and heat, said commanders of Hajj security forces. The umbrellas will cover 53×53 meters, making them the largest in the world. The commander of the forces responsible for security at the mosque, Major General Mohammed […]

Why Makkah’s marble flooring is cool to touch

For anyone who has performed the Umrah or Haj pilgrimages, they will have probably noticed the coolness under foot when they stepped onto the marble floors of the Grand Mosque and around the Holy Kaaba in Makkah. Many have debated the reason behind the cold feeling, given Saudi Arabia’s searing summer temperatures. The office of […]

E-bracelets provided tremendous assistance to pilgrims and scouts

The use of e-bracelets had a major impact in efficiently, facilitating the pilgrims’ return to their tents by youths from the Saudi Arabian Scouts Association, who were spread throughout Mina during this year’s Haj pilgrimage. Abdu Ahmed Mu’afa, a supervisor at one of the scout centers in Mina, said the scouts at the holy site […]

Hajis leave Makkah with unforgettable memories

Hundreds of pilgrims held back tears on Thursday as they left the holy city in buses for King Abdul Aziz international Airport and Jeddah Islamic Port after performing Haj. Pilgrims are beginning to return to their home countries after completing the Haj rituals easily, safely and conveniently by the grace of God and the support […]

‘Haj rituals proceeding according to plans’

A top official said all security and military units participating in the management of Haj were serving in accordance with security and preventive plans set up before the pilgrimage started. Gen. Osman bin Nasser Al-Muhrej, director general of public security and chairman of the Haj Security Committee, said the work was carried out with due […]

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