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We are now closed for collections until 27th Ramadhaan 1445 | 2024, in shaa.-Allaah.

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Want to discharge your Zakaatul-Fitr obligation but can’t find any poor and needy people where you live?

Then send us your Zakaatul-Fitr payment, and in cooperation with Markaz Quba – Nepal, it shall be distributed in the legislated manner to the poor and needy on your behalf – before the ‘Eed prayer, in shaa.-Allaah.

Note: Zakaatul-Fitr will be collected at only £2.50 per person.

Reference: al-Mudawwanah – Volume 1, Page 385

Maalik said: Naafi’ told me that Ibn ‘Umar used to send Zakaatul-Fitr to the one who was collecting it two or three days before [‘Eed] al-Fitr.

Reference: Majmoo’ Fataawa ash-Shaykh ‘Abdul Azeez Ibn Baaz – Volume 3, Page 97

Shaykh Ibn Baaz was asked: I dispatched the Zakaatul-Fitr, specifically pertaining to myself, to my family so that they can discharge it in my country. Is this action correct?

The Shaykh responded: [This is] not a problem, [and] you shall be rewarded in shaa.-Allaah. Discharging it in your area is better, so that you discharge it to the needy in the area in which you reside, and this is better. However, if you dispatched it to your family to discharge it to the needy in your country then that is not a problem.

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