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Saudi Arabia lauded for efforts to serve pilgrims

Saudi Arabia has been lauded for its “outstanding” efforts in servicing the needs of millions of Muslims from around the world performing Hajj and Umrah. Chairman of the Egyptian Parliament’s tourism and aviation committee, Amr Sadqi, praised the Kingdom for the development of the Hajj season to facilitate the pilgrimage. Meanwhile, in a separate tribute, […]

Center to measure Hajj pilgrims’ satisfaction with government services

The National Center for Performance Measurement (Adaa) has activated one of its beneficiaries’ measurement tools to assess pilgrims’ satisfaction with government services during the Hajj season. This measurement is in line with the Kingdom’s efforts to serve pilgrims and facilitate pilgrimage performance, and aims to improve services. It also aims to support the improvement of […]

Madinah introduces multilingual double-decker bus tour for Hajj pilgrims

A new double-decker bus tour, supervised by the Development Authority of Madinah Region, will introduce visitors to some of Madinah’s historic landmarks as well as its entertainment facilities, commercial sites, and public utilities. The tour is part of the service extended to Hajj pilgrims and other visitors to the holy city. The bus tour covers […]

Saudi Arabia to distribute 7.5 million bottles of holy Zamzam water

The Zamazemah United Office in Makkah is planning to deliver 7.5 million Zamzam water bottles during the Hajj pilgrimage this year, Saudi state channel Al-Ekhbariya reported. The bottles will be distributed at guidance centers in Makkah to pilgrims arriving and to those returning to their home country. The deputy chairman of the board of directors […]

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