Hajj 2023 applications now open to pilgrims inside Saudi Arabia

Muslims living in Saudi Arabia wanting to perform Hajj this year can now apply for the pilgrimage, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced on Thursday.

In a statement, it revealed there would be four categories of Hajj packages available to local citizens and residents starting from SR3,984 ($1,060) and allowing for payment in full or by three instalments.

Applicants must have national or resident identity valid until the middle of July.

The minimum age for applications would be 12 with priority given to those who had not performed Hajj before. Where places became available, those who had previously performed Hajj would be included, and women’s male guardians would be excluded from the priority advantage, the ministry said.

Proof of COVID-19 and seasonal influenza jabs would also be required in addition to obtaining a valid vaccination certificate for the ACYW quadruple meningitis vaccine at least 10 days before arriving at the holy sites.

The ministry urged all applicants to register direct through its website and not to use the same mobile number for more than one application.

Inquiries can be made via email at care@haj.gov.sa, by telephone on 920002814, or Twitter @MOHU_Care.

Source: Arab News

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