Fajazakallahu khair wahsanuljaza for everything Allaah ﷻ bless you and all your respected family till day of qiyamah best of best khair and afiyah always in all aspects of life and keep you safe happy healthy and always smiling ameen.

JazakAllah Kheir for providing invaluable service. May Allah SWT accept everybody’s effort. Very professional. Will use the service again inshaAllah.

Jazaakum Allah Khayir. May Allah SWT reward you and the whole UmmahServe organization for facilitating this service.

It brings tears to my eyes, that Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala has given me this opportunity. Alhumdolillah. May Allah Subhanah accept your efforts in this cause.

Masha Allah Excellent service always. 5 Star Allahsubhanahu wataala bless you & your idara best of best always in all aspects of life with safety abundance of wealth, barakah in every aspects with highest honour with everlasting success ameen thuma ameen.

Jazak Allahu khair for completing this immense task on behalf of my family. We ask Allah to accept this from us and you and reward our father with Jannah inshaa Allah.

My mother returned to her Lord yesterday. Jazakallahu khairan for facilitating the Badal Umrah for her. I will continue supporting UmmahServe in her memory Insha’Allah.

Jazak Allah Khaira. Thanks for your help and patience. May Allah support all of us in our endeavors.

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