Hajj Badal 1437 | 2016

All Praise is due to Allaah alone who has facilitated yet another year of Hajj Badal services to the ummah, with the single aim of striving to attain the ultimate reward, Paradise[1], in shaa.-Allaah!

Throughout our 11-year history, we have strived to ensure that we meet the great demand for our services, ensuring each of the qualified students of knowledge:

  1. is legally eligible to perform hajj
  2. has a Ministry of Hajj permit to perform hajj
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Trustworthy service. Well organised.
Mohamed E
New Delhi, India


In order to guarantee all our customers the high level of service they continue to expect from us, we have already begun taking bookings for the next hajj in August 2017. We therefore encourage everyone who plans to book a Hajj Badal on behalf of their loved ones, to do so promptly so we can confirm their bookings, in shaa.-Allaah.

Due to popular demand, this year was the first time we introduced photographs of the students of knowledge (some of whom are displayed above) who were entrusted to carry out the hajj rites on behalf of many of your loved ones. This has certainly proved popular amongst you all, and we endeavour to continue providing this service, in shaa.-Allaah.

We would like to close by thanking you all for giving us the opportunity to serve you in this noble deed, and we ask Allaah (‘Azza wa Jall) to continue to aid us in providing this important and necessary service to the ummah, aameen.

Hajj Badal only £1,849 including sacrifice

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[1] The Messenger of Allaah (sal-Allaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said: «…and the reward for an accepted hajj is nothing less than Paradise» – transmitted by al-Bukhaaree and Muslim

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