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Sewing Machine | مكينة الخياطة


Over the past 10 years, together with Markaz Quba, we have been conducting sewing workshops for women in-and-around the community of Rautahat, in Gaur, Nepal – with the aim of providing them with a sewing machine upon completion. To date, more than 200 have graduated from these workshops.

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Ramadhaan Hamper | سلة رمضانية (Makkah)


Donation Deadline: Friday 8th March, 2024

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Arafah Hot Food Distribution | توزيع الوجبات الساخنة في عرفة


We are now taking orders for distribution during Hajj 2024

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Build a Well | حفر بئر


In co-operation with Markaz Quba, all requests for building wells will be carried out in-and-around the community of Rautahat, in Gaur, Nepal, in shaa.-Allaah.

For multiple wells, repeat order for each well.

Please specify the name(s) of the person(s) you would like to appear on the marble plaque of the new well…

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Ramadhaan Hamper | سلة رمضانية (Nepal)


Donation Deadline: Friday 8th March, 2024

In preparation for Ramadhaan last year, many of you helped to donate Ramadhaan hampers to the poor and needy in Nepal; 100 in fact!

After we finished distributing these hampers, many of the other families who had not received anything pleaded with us to help provide a Ramadhaan hamper for them too.

On hearing of their plight, thoughts quickly turned to how these families will be welcoming Ramadhaan; surely something can be done to help them. Quickly, Markaz Quba decided to dip into their emergency fund to help facilitate Ramadhaan hampers for a further 100 families, wa lillaahil-hamd!

Think for a moment, and contemplate how easy it is for you, and us all to prepare for Ramadhaan, and as we tuck into our sahoor every morning and our iftaar in the evening, perhaps not a thought is given to how easy Allaah has made it for us to have sufficient provisions each and every day.

Please spare a thought for those who are not as fortunate, and how you can play your part in sponsoring sahoor and iftaar for 1 family for the duration of Ramadhaan.

Our aim for this Ramadhaan is to provide at least 200 hampers, so please grab this opportunity, and take your share of the reward to be gained, as the Prophet ﷺ said:

«He who gives food for a fasting person to break his fast, he will receive the same reward as him, except that nothing will be reduced from the fasting person’s reward» – Ahmad, at-Tirmidhee (who declared it Saheeh), Ibn Maajah and Ibn Hibbaan.

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Sacrifice | ‘Aqeeqah | Qurbani | ذبيحة


In co-operation with Markaz Quba, we shall be processing all ‘Aqeeqah, ‘Eed Qurbani and Feed the Poor sacrifice requests in Nepal.

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Fitra | Fitrana | Zakat Fitr | Zakatul Fitr | Zakaatul-Fitr | زكاة الفطر


We are now closed for collections until 27th Ramadhaan 1445 | 2024, in shaa.-Allaah.

Want to discharge your Zakaatul-Fitr obligation but can’t find any poor and needy Muslims where you live?

Then send us your Zakaatul-Fitr payment, and in cooperation with Markaz Quba, it will be distributed in the legislated manner to the poor and needy Muslims on your behalf – before the ‘Eed prayer, in shaa.-Allaah.

Note: Zakaatul-Fitr will be collected at only £2.50 per person.

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Fidyah Siyaam Ramadhaan | فدية صيام رمضان


In co-operation with Markaz Quba, we shall be processing all Fidyah Siyaam Ramadhaan orders in Nepal.

Note: Price listed is per day.

Be sure to select the correct option – corresponding to the total number of days for which you wish to make fidyah, then add the total number below to the basket to calculate the total cost:

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